Red french tips

I’m at a wedding today so you can probably guess that a lot of people will be wearing the classic French Manicure. I love a good french tip, but I also like to try new things! The dress I’m wearing has red flowers on it which gave me the idea to do a red French Manicure!

Barry M Lychee

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Sparkly hearts

Valentines day means lots of sparkly hearts and pink. Today I tried something new, I had seen a video of someone using this stencil that goes all over the nail, basically opposite to the ones I’ve used before. They made it seem really simple but it took me a while to perfect it.

Barry m pink princess

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Poppy water decals

I love using water decals, they transfer art on my nails that would probably take me hours to paint, but ones I’ve used in the past never go on smoothly, they always seem to tear. Well I thought I would give them another go and purchase some from she sells seashells and they were amazing!

poppy water decals

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