Mint and black negative space nails

Negative space nails are not something I thought I would like, I hate when a nail polish is so sheer that you can see your nail underneath. There is something about the fact that the main aim of this design is to see your nail that makes it more ok for me. So I don’t do these often and I wanted to try every version of negative space you can have!!

deborah lippmann flowers in her hair, negative space nails

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Pink stripe Leopard print

Ok, so you may noticed today’s nails are the ones I had in yesterday’s post review! I thought of these just before I went to sleep the other night and I didn’t want to forget about them when I woke up. So I wrote myself a note and put ‘Pink stripe Leopard print’ if that is good enough to jog my memory it’s good enough for a post title!

ruby wing poppy barry m lychee leopard print nails

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Sugar Spun Bees

Weird name, a friend shared with me a video of sugar spun nails in rainbow colours. I have seen this technique before but seeing this video gave me an idea. I try not to copy other people’s nails but rather use their idea to inspire me to do something similar. I also have to add that these nails took a long time, my friends often ask how long I spend doing my nail art and the honest is that it never takes as long as you think….but these nails have a long wait before even starting!!

sugar spun nail china glaze metro pollen-tin

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That’s so last year

I try not to spend loads on buying nail varnish but when I see one I really want I just watch out for it on eBay, awaiting some crazy person to happily sell it on. That’s the case with my polish today, it was released in the summer of 2014, so I have been super patient waiting for it. Here it is, Illamasqua’s Melange.

Illamasqua Melange


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