Sugar Spun Bees

Weird name, a friend shared with me a video of sugar spun nails in rainbow colours. I have seen this technique before but seeing this video gave me an idea. I try not to copy other people’s nails but rather use their idea to inspire me to do something similar. I also have to add that these nails took a long time, my friends often ask how long I spend doing my nail art and the honest is that it never takes as long as you think….but these nails have a long wait before even starting!!

sugar spun nail china glaze metro pollen-tin

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Peter Pan Nail Art

When I first started writing blogs I found myself doing a lot of Disney nails, so I decided to tone down the Disney and focus more on other nail art. Well some of my family are coming back from Disney World in Florida and I realised that I had tried so hard to do less that I ended up not doing any for a really long time. So today’s nails are inspired by Peter Pan.

peter pan barry m gelly disney nail art

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Have I mentioned MoYou stamping plates yet? I just can’t rave about them enough, I used stamping plates for years before I discovered this brand. I thought it was only available from America so I didn’t even bother to tease myself, but I eventually found that they are from the UK I was so excited! They have so much to offer and its a dream for those who can’t paint masterpieces on their nails freehand!


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