Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a good New Year’s Eve, I watched some fireworks but didn’t really do much which meant that I could do my favorite thing the next day…early morning bike ride with no traffic. I love January 1st when everyone is far too tired to get up, it feels like I’m the only person in the world, for about an hour. Ok now onto nails!!MoYou and Picture Polish

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Back to school blues….

…only its worse, because it’s actually back to work blues. I think the worst time to go back is after Christmas when you’ve had such a good time. I blame the work blues for the fact that I painted my nails then didn’t really like them, so I removed them and tried something different. But I ended up preferring them before, at least now I have tomorrow’s post done and dusted, that is unless I change my mind again Here’s what I’m calling Chevron Maroon Moons.

Models own - Oval Plum, OPI - Love, Angel, Music, Baby Swatch

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Busy days

I’ve had a super busy day today, it got me thinking about whenever my manicure chips it always falls on a day when I have no free time to redo them. My go to nail art is gradient nails because it is so quick and simple and yet I get so many compliments on them like I’ve spent hours doing them. I find that I like the gradient nails that are different shades of the same colour, today I’ve done pink.


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