Lush Phoenix Rising nails

I absolutely love everything from Lush! It’s amazing, and I just want to try out every bath bomb at least once. My favourite so far is one called Phoenix Rising, it smells like cinnamon and leaves your bath stained purple for days! I try to make my bath bombs last longer by cutting them in half, so I can get two baths out of each one. Well, when I cut into the Phoenix I just fell in love with combination of colours. I took a picture and then recreated it on my nails, weird? maybe?!

Barry M Green berry gelly lush nails

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Pink stripe Leopard print

Ok, so you may noticed today’s nails are the ones I had in yesterday’s post review! I thought of these just before I went to sleep the other night and I didn’t want to forget about them when I woke up. So I wrote myself a note and put ‘Pink stripe Leopard print’ if that is good enough to jog my memory it’s good enough for a post title!

ruby wing poppy barry m lychee leopard print nails

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Splatter paint nails

I was in the mood for what I describe as ‘messy play’ nails. Basically nail art that ends up more on your hands than on your nails. It’s been a while since I did some splatter nails, and as I have expressed before I love lack of symmetry!  These  nails are perfect for me, I can’t predict how they will end up looking!!

opi romantically involved splatter paint nails

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