Mint and black negative space nails

Negative space nails are not something I thought I would like, I hate when a nail polish is so sheer that you can see your nail underneath. There is something about the fact that the main aim of this design is to see your nail that makes it more ok for me. So I don’t do these often and I wanted to try every version of negative space you can have!!

deborah lippmann flowers in her hair, negative space nails

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Red french tips

I’m at a wedding today so you can probably guess that a lot of people will be wearing the classic French Manicure. I love a good french tip, but I also like to try new things! The dress I’m wearing has red flowers on it which gave me the idea to do a red French Manicure!

Barry M Lychee

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Rockstar stripes

There’s some nail polish I buy because I love how it looks in the bottle, sometimes it’s hard to get the same look onto your nails. That’s how I feel about Barry M’s Glitterati collection, I can’t cover my whole nail thick enough to get the same effect, so that’s when I thought I’d see how it does on only part of my nail!

barry m rockstar glitterati

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