Duochrome snakeskin

I’ve been so busy creating miniature sized art on my nails that I totally missed that my last post was also my 100th post! That seems so crazy! I had ideas to do something extra special for number 100 but thought I was still a way off from it, well I shall plan something for my 150th post then? Today I tried some stamping using duochrome nail polish, not my favourite polish to wear on my nails but I do love the effect of this mani!

duochrome nails snakeskin mermaid

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Have I mentioned MoYou stamping plates yet? I just can’t rave about them enough, I used stamping plates for years before I discovered this brand. I thought it was only available from America so I didn’t even bother to tease myself, but I eventually found that they are from the UK I was so excited! They have so much to offer and its a dream for those who can’t paint masterpieces on their nails freehand!


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3 leaf clover

I’ve mentioned before how I purchase a MoYou plate usually because I want just a few of the patterns, and some of them I don’t think I’ll ever use. Well I finally got to stamp an image I thought would go unused, or at least not used that often. Happy St Patricks day, I know it’s actually tomorrow but I’ve saved tomorrow’s date for something a bit more special!

st patricks moyou barry m kiwi gelly

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