4th of July nails – stars and stripes

Whether you love or hate America you have to admit that they go all out when it comes to being patriotic, and I love that. They are a country that is proud of themselves and they are not ashamed to show it, plus in every movie they end up saving the World so we have to be thankful for that!! I have created super patriotic nails today in celebration of independence day!

4th july nails, america, barry m blue grape

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Baby Announcement

It’s so exciting finding out about a baby, but then having to wait a certain amount of time before announcing it. It feels like I’ve known about this pregnancy forever and have been dying to do these nails. I should probably clarify that it isn’t my baby, it’s my sister-in-law’s. Babies actually terrify me, but when it’s my niece or nephew I adore them, and I can’t wait for a new addition to the family. The funnest baby game is always….boy or girl?

baby shower boy or girl nails

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Easter egg hunt!

Happy Easter everyone! This is my favourite holiday, I love Spring, pastel shades and baby bunnies, what’s not to love! Just a quick post today of my super cute nails, I decided to do an Easter Egg Hunt.  I was inspired by some nails I had seen of bunnies in grass, but as I have already done bunny nails I decided to do something a little different.

barry m Huckleberry

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3 leaf clover

I’ve mentioned before how I purchase a MoYou plate usually because I want just a few of the patterns, and some of them I don’t think I’ll ever use. Well I finally got to stamp an image I thought would go unused, or at least not used that often. Happy St Patricks day, I know it’s actually tomorrow but I’ve saved tomorrow’s date for something a bit more special!

st patricks moyou barry m kiwi gelly

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Red french tips

I’m at a wedding today so you can probably guess that a lot of people will be wearing the classic French Manicure. I love a good french tip, but I also like to try new things! The dress I’m wearing has red flowers on it which gave me the idea to do a red French Manicure!

Barry M Lychee

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