Ciate Violet Vixen

I had a plan last week, a plan to be really good and blog more….the next day I got sick and spent the next 4 days in bed! But I am back now and starting to feel better. When sick and unable to move I like to peruse around ASOS, I’m a VIP so I get the luxury of picking something and having it delivered the next day! I came across new Ciate polishes under the category pick and mix, I think because they are mini polishes. Today I am wearing Violet Vixen, a mix of purple and gold glitters.

ciate violet vixen chevron nails

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For Tanya.

It’s been so cold lately, which means I paint my nails more. My nail station (where I paint my nails) has a heater so I always find myself wanting to do my nails because I can sit in front of the heater. Well that’s what happened and I created these nails. I was watching a movie and playing around with ideas, I wasn’t going to post these but my friend at work loved them and demanded I post them!Barry m Lychee

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Back to school blues….

…only its worse, because it’s actually back to work blues. I think the worst time to go back is after Christmas when you’ve had such a good time. I blame the work blues for the fact that I painted my nails then didn’t really like them, so I removed them and tried something different. But I ended up preferring them before, at least now I have tomorrow’s post done and dusted, that is unless I change my mind again Here’s what I’m calling Chevron Maroon Moons.

Models own - Oval Plum, OPI - Love, Angel, Music, Baby Swatch

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