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Balloons and clouds

I really enjoyed painting balloons on my nails so I decided to do it again,  but this time not as close! As I have said before I also love doing gradient nails, the best sponges to use are from Primark as they only cost a couple of pounds. They are triangle makeup sponges and have square at the base of them which is perfect for gradients!

balloons clouds nails, barry m blueberry

So I started with my base sky colours, Barry M Huckleberry merging into Barry M Blueberry. I really wanted to do the sky two different colours, getting lighter the higher up you look, to give the illusion that the balloons have flown away. There is something sad but also wonderful when you see a rougue balloon in the sky.

balloons clouds nails, barry m blueberry

I then used a dotting tool to create the balloons but also to create the clouds. When I had finished doing the balloons I realised how much it looked like UP! That wasn’t my intention but I’m happy if that is what my nails make you think of.


balloons clouds nails, barry m blueberry

I’m really enjoying painting balloons at the moment, if anyone has any other ways I could use a balloon for nail art let me know!

I would love to know what you think! Let me know!