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Balloon Half Moon

I love a good half moon mani, and I have seen a lot of people transforming their half moons into some other art. I just think it’s genius, and I’ve tried it today by turning my half moons into balloons!

balloon half moon nails

Aren’t they so much fun to look at, everyone loves balloons right? I started with the white base and then painted each half moon. I then painted a little box at the bottom of the circle to look like the knot in a balloon.

balloon half moon nails

I then added little black strings and also a little bit of white on the side of each balloon. Looking at the pictures now my nails are shiny enough to not have needed that detail!! All the colours I used were from the Barry M Gelly collection, these are the main polishes I use for mani’s like this and the range pretty much has every colour.

balloon half moon nails

I can not stop looking at my fingers, these are so fun and bright! I think these would be a great idea for birthday nails, and I guess you could add details on to the balloons, say if it was a special age?

I would love to know what you think! Let me know!