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Father’s Day

I’ve spent some time thinking about what to write for today’s post, and no words ever seem enough to describe a person you love and admire. Today my nails are for my dad, they may seem simple but they’re enough to be just right.

deborah lippmann build me up buttercup fathers day

The main colour is a pastel yellow, this is the same shade as my favourite jumper that my dad wears. He has had it since I was born and one of my favourite pictures ever is him holding me as a baby wearing this jumper. This shade of yellow makes me happy because it makes me feel safe, makes me think of him.


fathers day moustache deborah lippmann build me up buttercup

I chose two things to draw on my nails, the moustache is obvious. My dad is a traditional gentleman and he has a fine moustache. Not quite as black as the one I have drawn anymore, but when I picture my dad thats what I see! The bird is the same as his only tattoo, I love it and whenever I see that bird anywhere it reminds me of him. So you can see that the nails may appear simple but they are him.

fathers day deborah lippmann build me up buttercup

My dad is my hero, I admire and look up to him so much. There are no words to describe how much he loves his family and I will forever be thankful to how sweetly and lovingly he took care of me. To him I own my level headedness and the ability to use my imagination, to see the world in a positive way, always. Happy Father’s Day.


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