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Models Own For Tans

What better nail polish to wear in all this summery weather then any polish from the Models Own For Tans range! I couldn’t just pick one though, of course!

Models own for tans flip flop shades

I wanted to go for a nice simple mani today, just really focusing on wearing that neon while the suns out! The neon green is called Flip Flop and the neon pink is called Shades.

models own for tan flip flop shades

I really wanted pink nails but when I reached for Shades I just couldn’t resist grabbing Flip Flop as well. It’s a green that is so bright it looks like there is a light shining on it! To really make the colours pop I used an OPI white base which is a base especially for neons. I then added a little black line on each nail, this is how I normally start when I’m doing chevron half moons. When I painted the first black line I just liked it like that, and left it that way!

models own for tans flip flop shades


I love how much neon polish stands out on your nails. I don’t have many neon colours just a couple from this Model’s Own range. I find Models Own polishes to be great, other neons I have owned in the past seem to go on really thin but the ‘For Tans’ collection does not have this problem!

I would love to know what you think! Let me know!