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Polaroid Bunting

If there is one thing I have learnt in life it is to be proud of what you have achieved, not in comparison to other people, but just of what you have done. One thing I am proud of is starting this blog, and when I found out that you can order polaroid pictures of your Instagram photos I had this crafty idea…

polaroid craft diy


All you need is the following

  • Twine or string
  • drawing pins
  • mini pegs
  • polaroid pictures

diy craft polaroid

I used Polagram for the photos, you simply log into the site using your details for instagram and it brings up all of your pictures. You then pick which 48 photos you want and they get posted to you all professional. I was impressed how quickly they came and how easy it was, I also got a free Maoam in the box so no complaints here.


I then used the drawing pins to pin up the twine, my nail room has a slanted ceiling which I thought might affect the bunting style I was going for but I just made my swoops a bit bigger. I only used three swoops in total and did three rows, I had been staring at a blank wall for a while so I was super excited to fill it with my nail pictures. Once your twine is secure on the wall the next step is the fun part, pegging up your pictures!

polaroid bunting craft diy

This has made a really good feature in my room, this is the room where I create my nail art and sometimes paint my families nails too. It’s like having a portfolio as an art and hopefully will distract people from the amount of nail polish I own!

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