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Baby Announcement

It’s so exciting finding out about a baby, but then having to wait a certain amount of time before announcing it. It feels like I’ve known about this pregnancy forever and have been dying to do these nails. I should probably clarify that it isn’t my baby, it’s my sister-in-law’s. Babies actually terrify me, but when it’s my niece or nephew I adore them, and I can’t wait for a new addition to the family. The funnest baby game is always….boy or girl?

baby shower boy or girl nails

Spoiler alert, I don’t know the gender of the baby and so I got worried when taking a picture with a nail polish as to which colour I should choose. I was going to make a guess and confidently pick a colour, but I couldn’t so this happened…..

baby-shower-nails-2 baby shower boy or girl nails

I used two colours from the Models Own diamond collection to draw a baby foot in each colour, I then added the polka dots on my other nails. I always associate polka dots with babies so that’s why I chose this look.

baby shower boy or girl nails

I have always loved how people do baby shower nails but felt it too random to do them for fun, so I’m glad I have a reason to do these. I am trying out shorter nails for a bit, these are the length I used to always have my nails but when I ventured into detailed art I felt like I wanted more room. Also super happy that my reading outside for an hour tanned my hands nicely, I’m not a mega tanner but I do find nail colours look better on my hands when they’ve seen a bit of sun!

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