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Cotton bud flowers

Ok, so I know I said I wanted to stay away from nudes for a while but sometimes they are just a good base colour and the flowers are colourful!


I had a really good idea to use the same technique I used previously on my Bubble Nails, but instead of covering my whole nail in the bubble effect I would just use it to create flowers.

cotton bud nails barry m lychee

I started with a light pink and light blue, making sure the cotton bud was soaked in the acetone so that the colour bubble would have a faint ring around it to make the base.  The next step was to use a darker blue and darker pink in the centre of each bubble. I then used a Barry M Nail art pen to draw the stems. I didn’t want them to be too neat so I drew them quickly to make them look a bit more wild. I finally added some dots in the centre of flowers.

flower nails west coast blues morgan taylorI really enjoy the fact that I used cotton buds to create nail art, I’m really happy with these nails especially the nude base!!


I would love to know what you think! Let me know!