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Snow White Nails

I’m really excited about these nails today! Snow White is my favourite Disney movie and I just adore it! So obviously to do it justice I tried extra hard with these. I have been thinking and planning them for a couple weeks, let me know what you think!!

snow white disney nails

I started with my base colours, which I find so funny as each finger is a different colour! I used Barry M Key lime for the poison apple, Barry M Blue Grape for her dress, OPI My silk tie for the Dwarves mine, Barry M Coconut for the apple and then Illamasqua Boosh for her hair.

snow white disney nailsI then added the yellow for Snow White’s dress, she wears a triangle bodice with a seam down the middle. The next nail I painted on the skull face that appears on the apple. The next nail is the diamond mine, this was just a super fun nail and to be honest I’ve always wanted to just completely cover a nail with gems! My pinky finger is the apple after the poison skull disappears, red to tempt Snow White. The thumb needed a little extra work as I had to paint the bow in white first so it would show up on top of the black. I then painted red, and used a darker red for the detail.

snow white disney nails

Well I just love these nails, every so often I paint nails that I wish I could keep forever take them off for a change but then still have them to wear in the future! I will be content with a photo, these have to be my favourite Disney nails to date.


I would love to know what you think! Let me know!