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Sugar Spun Bees

Weird name, a friend shared with me a video of sugar spun nails in rainbow colours. I have seen this technique before but seeing this video gave me an idea. I try not to copy other people’s nails but rather use their idea to inspire me to do something similar. I also have to add that these nails took a long time, my friends often ask how long I spend doing my nail art and the honest is that it never takes as long as you think….but these nails have a long wait before even starting!!

sugar spun nail china glaze metro pollen-tin

My idea was to do a stripey bee, although having never tried this technique before I didn’t realise how messy it would be! I used China Glaze Metro Pollen-tin (which I see now is a funny tie in with the bee theme) and Illamasqua Boosh for my bee combo.

sugar spun nails bee china glaze metro pollen-tin

Using a cocktail stick you mix the colour on greaseproof paper, basically you want the polish to start to dry and get gloopy. This takes about 10 minutes, then you simply drag the stringy polish across your nail! I say simply but it did not want to go in orderly bee lines for me!

sugar spun nails bee china glaze illamasqua boosh

Even if you don’t see a bee you have to admit the end effect is really good! I love when nail polish isn’t smooth and has a 3D feel to it!

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