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Ikat nails

I searched all kinds of crazy descriptions trying to find the name for my nails today, the pattern is called Ikat and I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. I love this pattern, and I love all the different ways that it can be done.

barry m speedy road rage full throttle

Both colours used are from Barry M’s Speedy range, all the colours have the same muted grey tone to them (kind of like they have been around the track a couple times) so they compliment each other. I can see myself combining them for future manis. I started with the base colour called Road Rage, as you know I love mint colours and this is a happy addition to my collection.

barry m speedy ikat

I then painted on the orange, Full Throttle, in triangles. As the next step is paint the edges black the triangles don’t have to be neat. With a paint brush I added the white in the centre of the orange, and then painted on the black using tiny line strokes.

ikat nails barry m speedy

These nails feel so artsy and I enjoyed painting them as they don’t need to be perfectly neat. I also can’t rave enough about Barry M’s new nail polish range and more importantly the new brush! It makes painting nails easier, the brush covers my whole nail in one sweep!!

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