Baby Announcement

It’s so exciting finding out about a baby, but then having to wait a certain amount of time before announcing it. It feels like I’ve known about this pregnancy forever and have been dying to do these nails. I should probably clarify that it isn’t my baby, it’s my sister-in-law’s. Babies actually terrify me, but when it’s my niece or nephew I adore them, and I can’t wait for a new addition to the family. The funnest baby game is always….boy or girl?

baby shower boy or girl nails

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Duochrome snakeskin

I’ve been so busy creating miniature sized art on my nails that I totally missed that my last post was also my 100th post! That seems so crazy! I had ideas to do something extra special for number 100 but thought I was still a way off from it, well I shall plan something for my 150th post then? Today I tried some stamping using duochrome nail polish, not my favourite polish to wear on my nails but I do love the effect of this mani!

duochrome nails snakeskin mermaid

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Splatter paint nails

I was in the mood for what I describe as ‘messy play’ nails. Basically nail art that ends up more on your hands than on your nails. It’s been a while since I did some splatter nails, and as I have expressed before I love lack of symmetry!  These  nails are perfect for me, I can’t predict how they will end up looking!!

opi romantically involved splatter paint nails

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Sugar Spun Bees

Weird name, a friend shared with me a video of sugar spun nails in rainbow colours. I have seen this technique before but seeing this video gave me an idea. I try not to copy other people’s nails but rather use their idea to inspire me to do something similar. I also have to add that these nails took a long time, my friends often ask how long I spend doing my nail art and the honest is that it never takes as long as you think….but these nails have a long wait before even starting!!

sugar spun nail china glaze metro pollen-tin

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