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Peter Pan Nail Art

When I first started writing blogs I found myself doing a lot of Disney nails, so I decided to tone down the Disney and focus more on other nail art. Well some of my family are coming back from Disney World in Florida and I realised that I had tried so hard to do less that I ended up not doing any for a really long time. So today’s nails are inspired by Peter Pan.

peter pan barry m gelly disney nail art

I knew straight away that I wanted to do a Hook nail, how could I resist? I started with a red base and then painted on his white cuff. I then used a silver polish to hand paint his hook. I love this nail, so much so that I would have been happy to paint the rest of the nails plain! But I can’t forget about Peter…

peter-pan-disney nail art barry m gelly opi

As Peter Pan is the main character I chose to do the majority of my nails in green, two having his darker collar and the third with the red feather from his hat. I did get a bit carried away doing the feather as I really enjoyed painting the strokes and making the feather thicker. Barry M’s Key Lime is the perfect shade for Peter Pan! I always get worried about starting Disney nails in case I don’t have the right shade, but this one works!

peter pan disney nail art barry m gelly opi

The last nail is of course Wendy, her light blue dress and bow! These nails were fun for me to paint as I love looking at pictures from the Disney movie to think of what to paint (and get colour inspiration) but also to try a lot of new nail art! I hope you like them, and I won’t leave it so long next time before doing more Disney nail art.

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