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No sponge, no gradient?

It is possible to get a gradient effect without a sponge, it doesn’t have the same effect but I like that.

opi gradient moyou

I started with finding my shades, this usually involves a lot of staring at my wall of polish. I picked the darkest pink quite easily, OPI A Definite Moust Have, and then just kept picking up lighter shades. All the way up to Barry M RoseHip which is just barely pink. Using a dry paint brush I dipped it in the polish and then just swiped it across my nails, I started with the darkest at the top and blended into each change of colour.

opi minnie mouse moyou gradient

Doesn’t it look wonderful, it took a lot more work then using a sponge but a lot less cleaning up! You can see more of the swipes on my thumb, I did like the way it looked but I thought putting the stamp over the top could help distract the eye and make the colours blend more.

moyou opi gradient barry m rose hip

I used the MoYou Time Traveller Plate Collection, Back to the 20’s Plate 05 which has so many lovely art deco patterns. I used Barry M Gold foil to stamp this pattern on to my gradient nails. I am happy with how these turned out, although I probably will stick to my sponges.

I would love to know what you think! Let me know!