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Have I mentioned MoYou stamping plates yet? I just can’t rave about them enough, I used stamping plates for years before I discovered this brand. I thought it was only available from America so I didn’t even bother to tease myself, but I eventually found that they are from the UK I was so excited! They have so much to offer and its a dream for those who can’t paint masterpieces on their nails freehand!


OPI Dark Side of the Moon as my base of course, and the stamping plate of choice today was from the pro XL collection plate 08. I used one image for 3 of my nails and then the inverted image on my middle finger. I used Barry M Silver foil to stamp on the image, and I love how clear the diamond image has printed.

opi dark side of the moon moyouI love MoYou and the fact that they release new plates every Friday means that I will keep wanting more of their stuff! I do sometimes wish that I could pick the images I want and make my own plate, but I have found that an image I didn’t think I would use I do end up wanting.


I would love to know what you think! Let me know!