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I have a large supply of acetone simply for cleaning up my nails and so I thought I would see what other uses it has, surely it could be used for some kind of nail art. Well I’ve seen people using it with none other than cotton buds, some people are so creative!

opi life gave me lemons bubble mani

I can only tell you my base colour, OPI Life gave me Lemons, because the rest where grabbed without much thought to build up the colour. The technique is quite exciting that you want to keep on adding colours, as the more you have the better it looks. The cotton buds are soaked in acetone and then into the colour, I then I did a mix of dabbing the colour onto my desk before putting it on my nails, and also putting the cotton bud back into the acetone.

bubble mani opi life gave me lemons

The acetone makes the polish spread out, it reminds me of when I was little and I would mix paint into a bubble mixture, then blow the bubbles on to paper. It would create this pop of colour, and you just can’t stop adding to it.

bubbles mani opi

Now that I have tried it for myself, I love it, and it reminds me of the book ‘the rainbow fish’ I think when I try this again I will use the colours from this book to recreate the fish!

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