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Doodles on squid ink

I have loved nail varnish and nail art for such a long time now, and I love how much nail art has grown and become its own fashion. I am always excited knowing that something new is coming around the corner, and today I tried something new…to me.laqa & co squid in moyou doodles

Laqa & Co have these cool nail polish pens, they remind me of lipgloss I own where you twist the bottom and the gloss pops up on the brush. I love this pen, although hard to hold for photos, and they come in loads of colours. Obviously I chose this mint colour, called Squid Ink, the idea is that you can keep this on you and conveniently paint any chips.

laqa and co squid ink moyou london doodles

The images I used is from MoYou’s doodle collection, which is amazingly beautiful. These plates are just wonderful to look at and I’m afraid my nails may not be big enough to fully show it off. I enjoy that they look like random doodles that you would draw if you were on hold on the phone, or if you were procrastinating!

laqa & co squid ink moyou doodles

So I’ve loved trying Laqa & Co’s nail polish pens, I enjoyed having something longer to hold when painting my nails. I am used to working with thicker gelly type polishes so I did find this a bit thin, but after 3 coats it came up just fine.


I would love to know what you think! Let me know!