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A little bit of fun

Todays nails are just so much fun, not only are they amazing to look at but I also had so much fun applying and removing a swirly stencil!

swirls holo nails

I knew straight away that I wanted a holographic polish as the base, this would tie in well with the swirls. When holos first became big I was obsessed with them, and everywhere I went to buy one was sold out. I really wanted to look at it in store first to see what it was like, this is when I stumbled upon this one from 17! In the sunlight the holo almost made the swirls look like they were moving!

gradient swirls holo nails

It took me a while to decide the polish to go over top, I decided on doing a gradient. I purposefully chose the gradients to go opposite ways on alternate nails to again help with the swirls feel like they’re moving. I love these nails, they are so fun to look at, but also peeling off the stencil to reveal to swirl was by far the best part!

I would love to know what you think! Let me know!