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Shades and flip flops

Start dusting off your neon polishes, and start remember what the sun feels like on your face because summer is coming! Models own released nail polishes last year that look good and compliment your tan, well when you don’t have a tan it’s just neon polish. Today I’m wearing Shades and Flip Flops together, in a vertical gradient.

models own flip flop for tan

A beautiful, happy accident happened when I did this, the pink and green merged in the middle and created an orange shade, it’s great when unexpected things happen and you like them.

models own for tan shades flip flop

I didn’t use a white basecoat underneath which usually helps make the colour pop (and also hides your nails underneath). This range from Models Own is super bright, and it really does go well when you have tanned hands, give it a couple months and I’ll come back to these polishes!

models own shades flip flop for tan

I would love to know what you think! Let me know!