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Shine for me

I’ve used this polish before unfortunately not in a way that shows the polish off well enough. Well this polish is just perfect for a glitter gradient, and it looks like raining stars!

opi shine for me 50 shades of grey

This red basecoat is also amazing, Romantically involved, it may just look like a regular pillar box red but it’s not. It’s in the middle of dark red and bright red, very pretty and very classic.

shine for me topi romantically involved 50 shades

OPI Shine for me is a silver glitter polish with both blue and lilac glitter added in. The blue stands out very well but when you look closer you can also see a subtle hint of lilac. This glitter is a great addition to my collection, and it sparkles so much. It really did feel like falling stars on my nails!

I would love to know what you think! Let me know!