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Dark side of the moon

It’s been a while since I’ve done a fan manicure, today I used a glitter to sweep across my nails which is new for me. I also love the name of my base colour, Dark side of the Moon, a super deep grey by OPI.

models own chrome topi 50 shades of grey

Once my base was applied I chose Models Own Indigo chrome to be the main colour I swept over my nails. I find that the best way to create this is to apply polish on to a surface (or greaseproof paper) and then sweep the fan brush over this a couple of times. I do this so that the nail polish isn’t thick on my brush, and it creates a more even effect.

opi 50 shades of grey models own chrome indigo dark side of the moon

The glitter I used is OPI Shine for Me, it doesn’t go on with the same effect as the chrome polish but I like how it added to my nails. This glitter is a silver with tiny blue and purple glitter in it, it’s subtlety beautiful.

opi 50 shades of grey models own chrome

The best thing about this technique is its simplicity, it’s just all about picking the right shades that compliment each other well.

I would love to know what you think! Let me know!