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Ruby Wing Poppy

The sun is definitely around for longer, and that only means one thing when it comes to my nails…Ruby Wing! A nail polish that changes colour when exposed to UV, and for an extra bonus the one I’m wearing today is scented!

ruby wing poppy moyou

I love a good hot pink polish, and this is my go-to hot pink for more reasons than it is just the best shade. When exposed to the sun it changes to my other go-to colour…deep purple!

ruby wing poppy

The polish does go darker than what I managed to capture, Ruby Wing has a lot of different colours but I find myself drawn to the ones that have the most dramatic change.

ruby wing poppy

The pattern is sweet little hearts that look like they’ve been coloured in by hand, from MoYou Princess collection plate 14. I used Barry M sliver foil to stamp this on.

moyou princess 14 ruby wing poppy

If you’ve never tried a colour changing polish I would highly recommend this brand, but also this colour. The scent is so lovely, it takes me by surprise as I smell it’s sweetness and wonder where it’s coming from. I was apprehensive to purchase these polishes and I worried that putting on a top coat would mask the smell, or make it so the colour wouldn’t change but it doesn’t, I just couldn’t go without a top coat!

ruby wing poppy

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