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Happy Birthday Asha

I did’t do St Patricks nails today because today is my little doggy’s birthday, she is 4 today and so I wanted to paint her!dog nails barry m blueberry

I started with painting the white on my ring finger, and then hand painted on the black. It’s a really simple way to paint pointed eared animals on your nails, but hopefully you can tell that she’s a husky!

barry m blueberry dog nail

Once I had completely finished this nail I was left with 4 blank nails, I was thinking of all Asha’s favorite things. The things that came into mind were cardboard – wasn’t really sure how to make that work – and exploring the garden. So I chose the Barry M Blueberry as the base colour and then added grass blades with a striping paintbrush.

dog nails barry m blueberry

So happy birthday Asha, I love you, even when your fuzzy coats ends up sticking to my nails more times then I like.  Ashas Birthday

I would love to know what you think! Let me know!