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3 leaf clover

I’ve mentioned before how I purchase a MoYou plate usually because I want just a few of the patterns, and some of them I don’t think I’ll ever use. Well I finally got to stamp an image I thought would go unused, or at least not used that often. Happy St Patricks day, I know it’s actually tomorrow but I’ve saved tomorrow’s date for something a bit more special!

st patricks moyou barry m kiwi gelly

These nails started as just the base colour, Barry M Kiwi, it’s such a juicy green that I decided to just paint it and hope that inspiration would come to me. barry m gelly kiwi


If an idea hasn’t struck me by the time I’m done cleaning up around my nails I then turn to my MoYou plates. That is when I found the pattern for an unlucky 3 leaf clover on MoYou Princess collection plate 14, I stamped it on with barry M Gold foil.

moyou princess 14 barry m kiwi

I love when I use a stamping image for the first time, and lucky I found it in time for St Patricks day!

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