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Party at the Palace

My second Morgan Taylor nail polish from their Cinderella collection is a beautiful turquoise called Party at the Palace. This minty aqua shade is always one of my favorite colours and I’m happy that Party at the Palace is a part of the collection. It has an added sparkle to it which keeps in with the Disney theme, making it not just a plain colour but a magical one.

morgan taylor party at the palace

I did Cinderella themed nails yesterday, so today I wanted something different and I felt that this colour was a bit dreamy so I chose to stamp on dandelions.  There is something special about being a kid and blowing dandelions, when I saw that MoYou had a plate with this on I just couldn’t resist, the plate is from their Pro XL collection, 06.

party at the palace morgan taylor cinderella

I love this shade from Morgan Taylor and it looks great on my nails, who wouldn’t love a Party at the Palace! Look out for more from the Morgan Taylor Cinderella collection soon!

I would love to know what you think! Let me know!