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Illamasqua Melange…again

I really do love the colour green at the moment, I keep looking at my green Illamasqua and just waiting for inspiration to hit me. It was only when I purchased the MoYou Pro collection plate that I knew what to do!


illamasqua melange

I was impressed it didn’t need the standard two coats, although habit makes me want to double up on layers I only applied one coat today! The Turtle stamp I used was Pro Collection XL plate 04, I love how Melange has gold and red glitters in it which really added to the shell effect.

illamasqua melange

I couldn’t recommed this polish enough, I am checking all other Illamasqua polishes to see if the same blend as Melange because I would snap them up right away!

I would love to know what you think! Let me know!