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Poppy water decals

I love using water decals, they transfer art on my nails that would probably take me hours to paint, but ones I’ve used in the past never go on smoothly, they always seem to tear. Well I thought I would give them another go and purchase some from she sells seashells and they were amazing!

poppy water decals

Aren’t they just beautiful, and so simple. Just cut out the transfer and place in warm water for about 20 seconds. The image then slides off from the backing paper, it reminds me of the tattoos I did when I was younger!! I used Morgan Taylor New School Nude as my base so that the base colour didn’t draw too much attention away from the flowers.

poppy water decals

I really liked how some of the flowers have glitter in the centre of them, I haven’t used water decals with a 3D element to them before. I think using these has restored my love for water decals, and I may have about 4 different ones on my wish list, all from she sells seashells! You really need to check out their site and try these!!

I would love to know what you think! Let me know!