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Sleeping Beauty’s Dress

Another Disney post! I love the part in sleeping beauty where the two fairies are changing Arora’s dress Blue and then Pink. I have seen nail art that looks like when the dress is hit with both colours at once and it gave me the idea to do these nails today.

Sleeping Beauty Nails

I painted my nails all blue, and then used a straw to blow the pink onto my nails. I love doing these kind of splat nails, I adore looking at the random pattern it creates but I also love the mess that gets all over your hands.

Sleeping beauty nails

To make it look like the dress I blew the pink nail polish from one side, I have put the picture from the movie below for those who can’t remember.



Sleeping Beauty nails

Sally Hansen – Himalayan Blue Barry M – Fuchsia



I really loved these nails and couldn’t stop looking at them. The only question is, did you prefer the dress Blue or Pink?

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