Back to school blues….

…only its worse, because it’s actually back to work blues. I think the worst time to go back is after Christmas when you’ve had such a good time. I blame the work blues for the fact that I painted my nails then didn’t really like them, so I removed them and tried something different. But I ended up preferring them before, at least now I have tomorrow’s post done and dusted, that is unless I change my mind again Here’s what I’m calling Chevron Maroon Moons.

Models own - Oval Plum, OPI - Love, Angel, Music, Baby Swatch

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Busy days

I’ve had a super busy day today, it got me thinking about whenever my manicure chips it always falls on a day when I have no free time to redo them. My go to nail art is gradient nails because it is so quick and simple and yet I get so many compliments on them like I’ve spent hours doing them. I find that I like the gradient nails that are different shades of the same colour, today I’ve done pink.


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