Balloons and clouds

I really enjoyed painting balloons on my nails so I decided to do it again,  but this time not as close! As I have said before I also love doing gradient nails, the best sponges to use are from Primark as they only cost a couple of pounds. They are triangle makeup sponges and have square at the base of them which is perfect for gradients!

balloons clouds nails, barry m blueberry

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4th of July nails – stars and stripes

Whether you love or hate America you have to admit that they go all out when it comes to being patriotic, and I love that. They are a country that is proud of themselves and they are not ashamed to show it, plus in every movie they end up saving the World so we have to be thankful for that!! I have created super patriotic nails today in celebration of independence day!

4th july nails, america, barry m blue grape

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Lush Phoenix Rising nails

I absolutely love everything from Lush! It’s amazing, and I just want to try out every bath bomb at least once. My favourite so far is one called Phoenix Rising, it smells like cinnamon and leaves your bath stained purple for days! I try to make my bath bombs last longer by cutting them in half, so I can get two baths out of each one. Well, when I cut into the Phoenix I just fell in love with combination of colours. I took a picture and then recreated it on my nails, weird? maybe?!

Barry M Green berry gelly lush nails

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Mint and black negative space nails

Negative space nails are not something I thought I would like, I hate when a nail polish is so sheer that you can see your nail underneath. There is something about the fact that the main aim of this design is to see your nail that makes it more ok for me. So I don’t do these often and I wanted to try every version of negative space you can have!!

deborah lippmann flowers in her hair, negative space nails

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